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Drunken Taco


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Phone: 954-776-4229


Why Us?

The Drunken Taco offers the franchisee an extremely low cost of entry into an up-and-coming business and the ability to recover the initial investment in a short period of time, resulting in an excellent return on investment (ROI).


It is specifically designed for a food court or similar location. We're here to assist you in the site selection.


The concept is designed in a manner that requires virtually no experience. It is simple and straightforward. This allows even a restaurant novice to be successful AND results in lower labor cost!


This business model incorporates features that make the concept unique and attractive among the competition.

Low Entry Cost

With The Drunken Taco's low entry cost, you can easily and affordably open your own location of our already popular brand!

No Experience Required

Our bright and cheery buildout provides an appealing atmosphere for patrons and is designed for a mall food court or similar location.


The Drunken Taco is a simple turn-key operation with minimal overhead with no experience required!

Low Operating Cost

The Drunken Taco Franchise business plan is designed to operate at a low cost, ensuring a high return on investment (ROI).

Franchise Support

With The Drunken Taco, you get a first-class support system, with legendary restaurateur John Amodeo there to personally guide you.


Our team of departmental experts will assist in streamlining the restaurant development process. We offer location assistance with food courts located within the largest mall operator in the country, as well as suppliers, vendors and architects- all experienced in working with Drunken Taco. The whole team is there to help you customize your own Drunken Taco.


After opening you will continue to receive ongoing support as your business develops. Regular quality assurance consultations and access to Drunken Taco operating manuals will keep you up to date on the latest practices at headquarters.


Year Long Support

Hands-On Training

Model Restaurant

Franchise Benefits

The Drunken Taco offers a comprehensive and hands on training program, ensuring that franchisees are 100% equipped with the knowledge, skills and expertise to successfully operate their own store.


Our multi-phase program includes 2 weeks of hands on training with the Drunken Taco team of experts including one week of on-the-job training at your new location.


Work With the CEO  

Personalized Attention 

Simple Turn-Key Operation  


Innovative Technology 

Low Cost Start-Up  


Fast Return on Investment 

Minimal Overhead  


Full Training & Support

Why The Drunken Taco?


We’ll follow up with a short conversation to answer any questions you may have. Thank you in advance for your interest in owning a Drunken Taco™ Franchise! or Call (305) 592-9229

Extremely Low Entry Cost

Excellent Return on Investment


Designed in a Manner That Requires Virtually No Experience 


Simple and Straightforward

Low Labor Cost


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